23 Sweet Chord Progressions

Now you can download Julian Bradley's popular collection of 23 Sweet Chord Progressions absolutely free!

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Here are some other FREE jazz piano resources you can download, as seen in my YouTube videos...

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'The Chord Symbol Guide' (free)

Get clarity on jazz piano chord symbols (one page cheat sheet):

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'10 Exotic Jazz Sounds' (free)

Add 10 new sophisticated techniques, reharms, and scales to your jazz piano playing today:

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'5 Jazz Piano Endings' sheet music (free)

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'The Jazz Tutorial Roadmap' (free)

Now you can watch my YouTube videos in order - I've organized my best videos into a step by step series ranging from beginner to advanced:

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Premium Sheet Music Collection

For a limited time, you can get my top 5 premium jazz piano eBooks in one package...

The Best Of Julian Bradley Collection gives you 5 of my most popular jazz piano eBooks:

100+ pages of detailed jazz piano sheet music, chord voicings, improvisation tips, reharmonizations, sophisticated sounds, chord progressions, and written jazz theory advice.

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  • Jazz Theory Explained eBook - 100 page guide to jazz piano & theory ($45 value).

  • Best Chords In The World eBook - 30 pages of sophisticated sounding chord progressions ($35 value).

  • Exploration of Harmony eBook - 50 page guide to modern harmony and composition techniques ($35 value).

  • 3 Emotional Jazz Pieces - sheet music to 3 of my most popular jazz tunes ($25 value).

  • 3 Christmas Songs - sheet music to 3 of my Christmas song jazz arrangements ($25 value).

  • Suitable for piano players with 5+ years experience.

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Thank you for supporting my Jazz Tutorial education work. I hope the resources on this page inspire you and unlock new levels of sophistication in your playing!