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I make video tutorials to help you learn jazz piano quickly - chord types, voicings, improvisation, progressions, theory, reharmonization...

Hi, my name's Julian Bradley. I'm a jazz pianist from the UK, with a masters degree in music. I’m here to show you the exact steps that I went through to learn jazz piano...

To start learning, here's some of my popular jazz piano resources which you can download (free). Click on the images below to get each PDF sent to your email inbox (they're all free):

10 Exotic Jazz Sounds

Add these 10 new sophisticated sounds to your jazz piano playing today:

10 Exotic Jazz Sounds

Chord Symbol Guide

Get clarity on the many confusing chord symbols of jazz:

The Chord Symbol Guide

Jazz Piano Chord Progressions

7 Sweet Chord Progressions sheet music

Jazz Piano Endings

5 Jazz Piano Endings sheet music

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I've broken your learning into a series of step-by-step video courses...

Each course focuses on one aspect of jazz piano...

These are the courses you get access to:

  • Interval Arithmetic course ($97 value): Learn to count intervals quickly and accurately - so that you can map out chord voicings and scales quickly.

  • Jazz Fundamentals course ($297 value): Learn the essential jazz theory you need to know - chord symbols, lead sheets, ii-V-Is, modulation, song form, the chord/scale relationship, how jazz works, and more.

  • Improvisation Step By Step course ($297 value): Learn to improvise, one concept at a time - we'll cover the 6 core improv. techniques, including chord tone soloing, approach patterns, enclosures, rhythmic techniques, and more.

  • Chord Voicing Intensive course ($397 value): Learn to voice any jazz standard using sophisticated voicings that professionals use; upper structures, rootless voicings, shells, 5th voicings, and more.

Each course flows into the next, filling in all of the gaps to your jazz piano knowledge.


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