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Hi! My name's Julian Bradley. I'm a jazz piano player from the U.K...

I'm here to teach you jazz piano as quickly as possible through my concise, easy to understand video tutorials...

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29 Jazz Piano Licks: Major 2-5-1 and minor 2-5-1 licks:


23 Sweet Chord Progressions: I post short inspiring jazz piano clips on Instagram (@JazzTutorialOfficial). Download the sheet music to some of my most popular posts:


Julian Bradley's Chord Voicing Guide. Discover rootless chord voicings, 4th voicings, 'shells', open voicings, the Kenny Barron voicing and more. 11 pages of pure sophistication which you can add to your playing today:


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The best place for you to start is to watch my popular video 'Jazz Piano Explained in 20 Minutes' (which has over 2 million views!)

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Thank you for being here! My goal is to provide you with a world-class music education so that you can master jazz piano.

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