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My name's Julian Bradley. I'm a jazz pianist and educator from the UK, and I'm here to teach you jazz piano!

I make video tutorials which cover all aspects of jazz piano - theory, improvisation, reharmonization, chord voicings...

I also make complete video training courses which give you a clear step by step guide on specific jazz piano topics. To be notified when I next open enrollment, join the waitlist here...


I'll be publishing new jazz piano material soon, but in the meantime, here's some of my most popular free jazz piano sheet music. Click on any of the images below to receive the sheet music by email...

Jazz Piano Chord Progressions

Jazz Piano Endings

Salsa Montuno Patterns

Jazz Piano Comping Patterns

The Jazz Tutorial Roadmap

A clear guide so that you can watch my videos in order

'Ear Training Explained' ebook

Concise guide to practicing ear training the right way

Ear Training Video Series