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Stop Wasting Years of Your Life Trying to Learn Jazz Piano On Your Own...

When I first tried learning jazz piano on my own, I spent countless hours searching the internet for advice...

I picked up some tips and tricks, a few chord voicings I liked...

But there was no real difference to my playing. I still sounded like a beginner who didn't know what they were doing...

I lacked confidence in my jazz piano playing, and I knew that there were huge gaps to my theory knowledge...

Nothing I learned online was step-by-step. It was just random topics, out of order, with no clear path to follow.

I was wasting huge amounts of my time, and (more importantly) my PASSION was going to waste - as I searched the internet for new content...

Instead, I should have been channeling my passion into PRACTICE - getting myself to do the hard things I needed to do to develop.

Learning on my own could only take me so far, and it was just a matter of time before I would have eventually given up, and my passion would have died.

How I Eventually Reached Success

Luckily for me, I eventually found an excellent jazz piano teacher who lived an hour away...

When I sat down for my first lesson, all of my pain, frustration and overwhelm quickly disappeared...

I started learning jazz piano step-by-step from the ground-up...

I got answers to my questions, and the gaps in my knowledge were quickly filled...

My playing improved noticeably, following every lesson...

I stopped sounding 'bland', and people started to notice, gathering around the piano whenever I played...

Once I stopped trying to figure it out on my own, I could now ENJOY learning - while my teacher took care of the teaching part.

I didn't have to figure out what to practice (my teacher took care of that)...

I didn't have to worry about learning things in the wrong order (my teacher took care of that)...

All I had to do was practice whatever my teacher told me to practice - and in a very short time I reached my jazz piano goals.

After a few dozen lessons, I had a complete understanding of jazz theory under my belt, and I was set for a lifetime of enjoyment at the piano.

Where I Am Now

My name's Julian Bradley. I now have a master's degree in music, and I've been playing jazz piano for over 15 years.

I was lucky to study with several world-class music teachers. Without their guidance I would never have succeeded at learning jazz....

Now I want to make that same world-class education available to you...

The Fastest Way To Learn Jazz Piano & Channel Your Passion Towards Success

Now you can access ALL of my step-by-step jazz piano courses when you become a Jazz Tutorial Member...

You'll get to watch 100+ lessons of my best teaching at the piano, all in order, just by logging into the website...

I walk you through everything that you would learn if you were to meet with me for private lessons over a 5-year period...

Your lessons are pre-filmed - so you can watch them as quickly as you like, replay the lessons as many times as you need, and pause them while you take notes...

I’ve crammed literally DECADES of my own learning into these courses, and you can race through the material in a matter of WEEKS!

Discover the Jazz Tutorial Courses

The Jazz Tutorial Membership is the FASTEST way for me to teach you jazz piano. It gives you access to ALL of my premium lesssons for as long as you need them...

Experience a college-style jazz piano education in improvisation, chord voicings, essential jazz theory, arranging standards, latin jazz styles, and more...

Pause the lessons, take notes, and replay them as many times as you need - all from the comfort of your own home.

113 video lessons | 10 courses | 17+ hours of concisely edited jazz tutorial videos.

Your New Course Library

Let's take a look at some of the courses you get access to as a Jazz Tutorial Member:

  • Improvisation Step By Step course ($297 value). Learn to improvise, one technique at a time - chord tone soloing, approach patterns, enclosures, and rhythmic techniques. 20 lessons.

  • Chord Voicing Intensive course ($397 value). Learn to voice any jazz standard using authentic jazz piano chord voicings: upper structures, rootless voicings, shells, and more. 18 lessons.

  • Jazz Fundamentals course ($297 value). Essential music theory for jazz musicians: chord symbols, extended harmony, lead sheets, song form, scales, and how jazz works. 22 lessons.

  • Chord Voicing Case Studies course ($197 value). Walk through a series of jazz songs with me, chord by chord, and we'll figure out our voicings together. Full of lush voicings and arrangement techniques, and a clear voicing method that works for any song. 8 lessons.

  • Jazz Piano Styles ($297 value). Learn to play in a variety of jazz piano styles - from walking bass lines, cocktail piano techniques, how to play ballads, stride piano textures, song intros & endings, and more.

  • Interval Arithmetic course ($97 value). Stop playing wrong notes! Find your fingers to the right notes instantly by improving your interval counting skills.

  • Bossa Nova Masterclass ($97 value). Travel south of the border to discover Bossa Nova bass lines, chord voicings, syncopated rhythms, and how to play Bossa Nova tunes in an authentic Bossa Nova style.

  • Block Chords Masterclass ($97 value). Learn to harmonize any melody using the block chord style of George Shearing and Barry Harris. Not only is this a beautiful style to show off in your piano playing, but it can also be used when writing for big band or jazz ensembles.

  • The Complete Jazz Scales Method ($297 value). The 'answer-all-questions' approach to jazz scales. Get clarity on all the scales you can play over every chord type, and every chord progression. Includes case studies, soloing over real jazz songs.

Member Downloads

In addition to your video lessons, you get access to my Premium Jazz Piano Downloads - I provide you with lesson notes to each lesson, MP3 backing tracks, premium sheet music, and bonus ebooks - to complement the courses.


There's a few things you must have before taking the Jazz Tutorial courses:

  • 5+ years piano experience - so that you’re able to play the techniques that you're going to learn.

  • Basic music theory knowledge - must be familiar with intervals ('whole-steps', 'half-steps', 'minor 3rds', 'tritones', etc), the major & minor scales, and major & minor chords.

  • Reading music recommended (treble clef only) - so that you can play songs from a real book.

Membership Pricing

To cover this much material with a private teacher would cost tens of thousands of dollars...

But thanks to the internet, you can get access to everything I teach privately, for a fraction of the price.

The Jazz Tutorial Membership is a paid monthly subscription that gives you access to ALL of my jazz piano courses (over $1,900 of courses) for as long as you stay subscribed...

Join for as little as one month, and cancel at any time.


  • Monthly Billing: $55 a month. 30-day rolling plan. Cancel anytime.

  • Yearly Billing: $35 a month, billed annually at $420 today. Saves you $240 when you join for a year.

All prices are displayed in U.S. dollars.

Money Back Guarantee

But what if you try the Jazz Tutorial courses and they're not right for you?

Not a problem - as always, you have my money back guarantee:

  • 90-day money back guarantee for Yearly subscribers.

  • 30-day money back guarantee for Monthly subscribers.

If for any reason the courses aren't right for you, I will fully refund your purchase.

Start Learning Today!

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What Students are Saying

Here's What You'll Discover

  • How to play jazz songs from a real book.

  • Chord symbols explained - get clarity on the many chord symbols of jazz, once and for all - 'Cm6', 'C13', 'C9', 'C7sus4', etc.

  • What to practice at each stage of your development (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

  • Improvisation techniques covered in detail: chord tone soloing, approach patterns, enclosures, 'playing out', emphasizing the changes, and more.

  • Add an authentic solo section to every song in your repertoire.

  • ii-V-Is explained (major, minor & variations) and the scales I play over each chord.

  • Essential left hand chord voicings that professionals use to create smooth voice leading.

  • Chord extensions explained - and my top 5 chord extensions to add sophistication to your sound.

  • Approach patterns explained - melodic shapes that you can use to create an authentic jazz piano solo.

  • Jazz scales explained: know which scale to play over any chord.

  • The 5 jazz scales that make up 90% of my playing.

  • 'The 12 Key Pattern': how I practice playing in all 12 keys.

  • How to play YOUR OWN arrangement of any jazz song (instead of playing other people's notated jazz arrangements).

  • Build your repertoire to as many as 30 songs - played in an authentic jazz piano style.

And much more!

Choose Your Subscription

"I've provided you with everything you'll ever need to learn jazz piano: Step by step video lessons, PDF downloads, backing tracks, and a distraction-free environment to learn.

I hope to take you a lot further on this amazing journey and to hear your success story soon!"

Your friend,

Course Q+A

How many videos are there?
There's over 113 video lessons (17+ hours of concise video content) with new lessons still being added.

How many videos are in each course?
Roughly 20-25 videos per course. Most lessons are a concise 10-15 minutes.

Are these videos more detailed than your YouTube videos?
Yes - they're more detailed, they cover material that I've never talked about on YouTube, and most importantly - they're step by step, rather than just random topics.

Is there any live broadcast training?
No - all lessons are pre-recorded and edited (which makes them much more concise than a live broadcast). This allows you to watch the lessons at any time, and you won't have to worry about missing a live broadcast.

Does this course have printable material associated with the lessons?
Yes - there's lesson notes for each lesson (downloadable PDFs). There's also additional resources like my 'practice exercise ebook' for each course, audio downloads (including backing tracks for you to play to) and sheet music.

Do you provide the sheet music for the songs you cover - or do you have to purchase a Real book?
I don't provide sheet music to any jazz songs. I recommend you purchase a Real Book ($30) to accompany you through these courses, and your jazz piano learning / career.

Are the videos downloadable?
No, the videos are not downloadable - but you have 24/7 access to the member's area so you can watch the lessons at any time, and from any location (including watching on your smartphone). Each video comes with a PDF lesson summary which can be downloaded.

Do I need any special software or apps to watch this course?
No - all you need is internet connection, and you can access your courses through this website.

Do I get complete access to everything from day 1 - or do I have to stay subscribed as the courses are dripped out?
You get complete access to all of the courses today. They're all there waiting for you - 11+ hours of video lessons!

If I cancel my subscription after a few months - do I retain the courses?
No - you get complete access to all of the courses / videos in the member's area while you're a member. If you decide to end your subscription, you will lose access to the member's area (although you can always sign up again in future).

However you do get to keep all of the lesson resources which can be downloaded from the member's area - practice ebooks, PDF lesson notes, backing tracks, audio exercises, etc.

Will I get notified when my subscription is about to renew?
Yes. If you become a yearly member - you will get an email from me, several weeks before your subscription renews. This will give you plenty of time to review the courses and decide if you wish to continue - or cancel your membership.

I'm worried about forgetting to cancel my subscription - what happens if I'm accidentally billed?
Not a problem. I can refund any payment you make within 90 days. Just email me and I can reverse any unintended charge.

Which subscription is right for me - Monthly or Yearly?
If you're serious about achieving jazz piano success - then the Yearly option will give you the best results. You'll have the time that's needed to go through the courses and do the practice exercises.

Do I need any other equipment?
I recommend all students buy a Real Book (roughly $30) to accompany watching the courses. This is so that you can apply what you learn to your real jazz songs after each lesson.

Can I pause and re-watch the videos?
Yes! The course videos are hosted with Vimeo - which has beautiful resolution. You can pause the videos, skip forward and back, re-watch as many times as you like - and you can even change the playback speed to double speed or half-speed.

What happens if I unsubscribe? Can I re-subscribe later?
Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time, and join again during a future enrollment.

Prerequisites Q+A

I don’t read music - can I still join?
You can still join and learn from the courses. Most of the videos DO NOT require you to read music at all. And my 'reading music guideline' is mostly so that you can apply what you learn by playing songs from your real book.

How good at reading music do I need to be?
You only have to read treble clef to play from a real book (there's no bass clef in most real books).
If you don't read music yet - watch my quick video that shows you how to read music before you join: Click here

I don’t play piano - is this still for me?
The Jazz Tutorial courses are made primarily for jazz pianists. However, most lessons apply to all instruments (including my improvisation lessons, jazz theory lessons, and interval arithmetic lessons). Only the Chord Voicing Intensive course is piano specific.
So I still recommend the Jazz Tutorial courses to non-pianists. However, you must be familiar with the notes on the keyboard (as I teach through the piano). If piano is your second instrument, I recommend the Monthly Subscription.

I'm over 60 - can I still learn this?
My audience is full of people over 60! I have many students in their 80s, who remain incredibly sharp and have made great progress in jazz piano. I believe that having the time to immerse yourself in learning jazz has more impact than how old you are.

Should I watch the courses sitting at my computer - or can I watch them on my cell phone?
It's up to you! You can watch the lessons from any device - computer, cell phone, iPad. You can watch them while sitting at the piano, or away from the piano. You can login to your courses from any device - and watch them from any location (as long as you have wifi).

I still don't know if this is right for me - what should I do?
I would love for you to try the new courses and see for yourself. You have a 90 day money back guarantee for the yearly membership, so if for any reason it turns out not to be right for you - just email me and I'll refund your purchase. That's what my money back guarantee is there for!

Billing Q+A

Now let me answer your questions about payments and billing:

Can I pay using PayPal?
Unfortunately not. The only payment I can accept is by bank card through the secure checkout page.

Can I pay by check?
Unfortunately not. The only payment I can accept is by bank card through the secure checkout page.

Is it safe for me to pay with my credit card on your website?
Yes. This website has an SSL certificate (which protects your personal information using encryption), and your payment is handled by Stripe's secure checkout (a service similar to PayPal), which is embedded on this website.

I live outside the US. Can you tell me what your pricing is in my home currency?
If you're outside the US, please use an online currency converter to see what your payment will be in your home currency.

Will I pay additional sales tax on my order?
No. Sales tax is already included in the price. You only pay today's price - and nothing more.

Is your pricing in US dollars or Australian dollars?
All pricing is shown in US dollars.

Musical Ear Q+A

Now let me answer your questions regarding my other popular course - The Musical Ear:

How much overlap is there between your ear training course (The Musical Ear) and the jazz piano courses?
There is almost zero overlap between the jazz piano courses, and my previous ear training course.
However, both courses are taught using my 'Fixed Root Learning' system - where I teach everything from C first - chord voicings, scales, reharms - we learn everything lined up from C first, before transposing it to other keys.

The Jazz Tutorial courses are exclusively focused on learning jazz piano - things like chord voicings, jazz notation markings, chord symbols, jazz scales, improvisation techniques, and so on.

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