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Race through years of Jazz piano lessons in the next few days

I've taken all the lessons I would normally teach over a 5-year period...

And I've filmed them into concise video lessons, which you can watch in a fraction of the time.

The lessons are organized into step-by-step courses which focus on individual aspecs of Jazz piano.

There's courses on improvisation, chord voicings, Jazz scales, Jazz theory, how to play from real books, and how to arrange standards for solo piano.

Everything you need is now in one place. No more watching random videos without structure.

Watch ALL of my Jazz Piano Courses with the Jazz Tutorial Membership

The Jazz Tutorial Membership is a paid subscription that gives you access to ALL of my premium lessons for as long as you need them.

Join for as little as 30 days and cancel your membership at anytime.

Watch the lessons as many times as you need - all from the comfort of your own home.

Your Course Library

  • 'Jazz Fundamentals' course ($297 value). Essential music theory that all jazz musicians need to know: includes chord symbols, types of 7th chord, chord extensions, understanding lead sheets, song form, modulation, and harmonic analysis. 22 lessons.

  • 'Improvisation Step By Step' course ($297 value). Learn to improvise, one technique at a time - includes chord tone soloing, approach patterns, enclosures, turns, playing in 3rds, aiming for the changes, rhythmic techniques, and more. 20 lessons.

  • 'Chord Voicing Intensive' course ($397 value). Learn how I voice jazz standards using authentic jazz piano chord voicings: includes upper structures, rootless voicings, shells, closed voicings, open voicings, the Kenny Barron voicing, and modified voicings. 18 lessons.

  • 'Chord Voicing Case Studies' course ($197 value). Walk through a series of jazz standards with me and we'll figure out our voicings together. Includes 'Stompin At The Savoy', 'Moon River', and 'Girl From Ipanema'. 8 lessons.

  • 'Jazz Piano Styles' course ($297 value). Learn to play in a variety of jazz piano styles - includes walking bass lines, cocktail piano techniques, ballad arranging techniques, stride piano textures, 'glitzy solos', song intros, and jazz piano endings. 12 lessons.

  • 'Bossa Nova Masterclass' course ($97 value). Discover how to play Bossa Nova tunes in an authentic Bossa Nova style. Includes bass lines, chord voicings, arranging tips, and case studies of me arranging 'Song for My Father' and 'So Nice'. 5 lessons.

  • 'Block Chords Masterclass' course ($97 value). Learn to play songs using the iconic sound of block chords - made famous by George Shearing and Barry Harris. Case studies include 'Blue Bossa' and 'Fly Me To The Moon'. 5 lessons.

  • 'The Complete Jazz Scales Method' course ($297 value). The 'answer-all-questions' approach to jazz scales. Get clarity on which scales you can play over each chord type. Includes the lydian, lydian-dominant, dorian, blues, phrygian-dominant, altered, diminished scale and more. Also comes with case studies on 'Satin Doll' and 'Autumn Leaves'. 14 lessons.

The course membership allows you to race through YEARS of jazz piano education in the fastest time possible...

Course Library = 120+ video lessons | 11 courses | 18+ hours of concise lessons

Watch the courses as many times as you need, pause each lesson, and take notes.

Member Downloads (Print These)

As a Jazz Tutorial Member you'll get access to my premium Jazz piano resources.

That includes lesson notes, sheet music, and backing tracks.


  • 59 Jazz Licks (sheet music) - annotated series of licks for all common chord progressions: the major 2-5-1, minor 2-5-1, 2-5-1-6, and minor chord licks.

  • Walking bass lines (sheet music) - a 2-page document reveals my top walking bass lines for 2-5-1s and other progressions (learn these).

  • Left-hand patterns for Ballads - a series of elegant left-hand patterns which you can use when playing Ballads.

  • Complete List of Jazz Scales (sheet music) - a 5-page document that lists all the scales you can play over each chord type. Major 7 scales, minor 7 scales, V7 scales and more. Also covers 2-5-1 and -2-5-1-6 scales.

  • Jazz Piano Endings (sheet music) - a collection of 9 STYLISH jazz piano endings composed by me. Includes major and minor song endings (use these).

  • Cocktail Piano Techniques (sheet music) - a collection of glitzy cocktail piano techniques, annotated and ready for you to use.

  • Stride piano Textures (sheet music) - a series of stride piano patterns and voicings for your left hand.

  • Julian Bradley compositions (sheet music) - download and print original jazz piano compositions - including 'Falling in Love for the First Time', 'Dancing With You', 'Night at the Lounge', and 'Afternoon in Rio'.

  • Interval Trainer Practice Track (MP3 download) - practice counting intervals and building chord voicings - anytime, anywhere - just by listening to this audio practice challenge.

  • Lesson Notes - bullet point summaries to every lesson. Download and print these.

Membership Pricing

To cover this much training in private lessons would cost thousands of dollars.

But with the Jazz Tutorial Membership you get the same lessons I would normally teach privately - for a fraction of the price.

Get complete access for just $25 a month, billed annually (US dollars).

Use your Course Membership for as long as you need it - and cancel it at anytime.

90-Day Guarantee

What if you try the Jazz Tutorial Membership and it's not right for you?

Not a problem. As always you have my money-back guarantee.

  • 90-day money back guarantee for Yearly Members.
  • 30-day money back guarantee for Monthly Members.

If for any reason the Jazz Tutorial Membership isn't right for you - I will fully refund your purchase.

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What Are Members Saying?


Before you start the Jazz Tutorial courses I recommend you have:

  • 5+ years piano-playing experience - so that you’re familiar with the instrument and can focus on learning Jazz.

  • Basic music theory - you're familiar with major scales, minor scales, major chords, and minor chords. Basic knowledge of the 12 keys will be helpful.

  • Reading music recommended (treble clef only) - Most of my lessons DO NOT require you to read music. However, to play jazz songs from a real book you'll need to read treble clef.

If you're not sure you meet these requirements - you can try the courses and decide for yourself. You have my money-back guarantee.

"What Will I Learn?"

  • Understanding a Real Book (song intros, endings, turnarounds, notation markings).

  • Chord symbols explained - get clarity on the many chord symbols of jazz, once and for all - 'Cm6', 'C13', 'C9', 'C7sus4', etc.

  • How to play in a variety of jazz piano STYLES - including Ballads, Swing, Cocktail, Bossa Nova, Walking Bass Lines, Block Chords, and more.

  • Jazz Scales Explained, once and for all. Learn which scales to play over any chord, with Jazz song case studies.

  • Practice tips included with most lessons.

  • Improvisation techniques: chord tone soloing, approach patterns, enclosures, 'playing out', emphasizing the changes, and more.

  • Discover my top 30 jazz piano chord voicings and the exact voicing method I use to voice any Standard.

  • Chord extensions explained (b9s, #9s, #11s, b13s, sus 4, 6 chords, alt, etc).

  • How to compose Jazz Piano Endings. Discover the 2 scales I use to compose sophisticated song endings.

  • How to practice in all 12 keys: Discover the method I use to practice in all 12 keys - works for chords, chord voicings, scales, or improvisation.

  • How to create your own authentic arrangement of any jazz song (instead of playing from sheet music).

  • Build your repertoire to 30+ songs, while working in a variety of jazz piano styles and textures.

  • Dozens of Jazz Standard Case Studies. Watch me arrange popular jazz songs, one chord at a time, sharing my complete process.

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