Improvisation Step by Step

Do you struggle with Jazz Improvisation?

If so I can relate...

For many years I avoided improvisation completely...

I was embarrassed for people to hear me improvise...

I didn't even want my PARENTS to hear me improvise...

Improvising only made me sound like a beginner again...

I didn't know how to practice improvisation...

Back then, my teachers used to put on backing tracks and just say "have a go"...

They thought that if I just "had a go" for long enough it would eventually 'click'...

But it never did.

My improv stayed the same - no matter how many times we tried it.

What I needed was a clear method

Improvisation might seem like an abstract process that no one can really teach...

But the truth is there's a handful of techniques that jazz musicians use in their solos...

Each technique can be taught, practiced, and learned - just like anything else...

I'm Teaching Improvisation

In my new course - 'Improvisation Step-by-Step' - I teach you one technique at a time...

I'll take you through 19 step-by-step lessons - which will build you from the ground up...

What you will discover:

  • How to know which notes to play over any chord.

  • How to approach any note from below and above.

  • Discover which 3 notes you should end your lines on.

  • Enclosure patterns explained.

  • How to avoid playing all 8th notes and keep your rhythms interesting.

  • Soloing over the Major ii-V-I and Minor ii-V-I.

  • How to practice improvisation in all 12 keys.

  • Discover which chord voicings to play in your left hand.

  • 'Autumn Leaves' Case Study.

  • 'Blue Bossa' Case Study.

  • 'Ladybird' Case Study.

  • Practice exercises following each lesson!


  • Ideal for intermediate piano players (5-10 years playing).

  • Reading music recommended, but not essential.

Teaching style is similar to my YouTube lessons but longer and more in-depth.

Here's what Ray Huckell had to say about 'Improvisation Step By Step':


To cover this much material in private lessons would cost roughly $1000...

But you can get my complete 'Improvisation Step by Step' course for just $150 USD.

Race through the lessons as quickly as you like - and revisit them as many times as you need.

90-Day Guarantee

As always you have my 90-day money back guarantee...

If for any reason this course is not right for you - I will fully refund your purchase.

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What are Students Saying?

Course information:

  • 3 hours of video training.

  • 19 video lessons (10-15 minutes each).

  • Lessons notes (download and print these).

  • Sheet music - includes my '58 jazz piano licks’ sheet music.

  • 8 drum tracks to practice to (includes traditional swing, and bossa nova backing tracks).

Frequently Asked Questions

"How long is this course?"
3 hours total.

"How many lessons are there?"
19 videos (roughly 10 minutes each).

"Is the course live?"
No - it's pre-filmed and edited.

"Can I keep and rewatch this course?"
Yes - watch the lessons as many times as you like.

"Are the lessons downloadable?"
The videos themselves are not downloadable - you must have internet connection to watch them. Just login to the member's area and play the lessons at anytime.

"What prerequisites do I need?"
I recommend 5-10 years of piano-playing experience. Must read music to an okay level.

"I don't play piano - is this for me?"
No - this course is specifically for piano players. Must be able to play left and right hands to complete the practice exercises.

"Does this course come with anything else?"
Yes - you'll also get my downloadable lesson notes, sheet music, and backing tracks (audio).

"What if this course is not right for me?"
No problem - just email me within 90 days and we will fully refund your purchase.

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