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Here's what you get:

'JAZZ THEORY EXPLAINED' Ebook ($45 value): My 100 page essential jazz piano guide. Get confidence and peace of mind by filling in the gaps to your jazz theory knowledge. Race through 10 years of my own reading, learning and study, in as little as a weekend!

'EXPLORATION OF HARMONY' Ebook ($35 value): My 50 page 'zero-fluff' guide to harmony. Get inspired and discover NEW harmonic techniques including Polytonality, Pedal Notes, Block Chords, Modulation, and more.

'BEST CHORDS IN THE WORLD' Ebook ($35 value): 30 of my favorite chord progressions, spanning a range of musical styles (but mostly jazz). 35 pages of detailed manuscript - jam packed with sweet chord progressions, professional chord voicings, Latin montuno patterns, comping ideas, and jazz piano endings.

'3 EMOTIONAL JAZZ PIECES' sheet music ($25 value): Sheet music to my 3 most popular Jazz piano compositions: ‘Falling In Love For The First Time’, ‘Dancing With You’ and ‘Venice Beach In Winter’.

'3 CHRISTMAS JAZZ ARRANGEMENTS' sheet music ($25 value): Sheet music to my 3 most popular Christmas Jazz arrangements: 'The First Noel’, ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing’, and ‘O Christmas Tree’.

2+ HOURS of PREMIUM VIDEO TUTORIALS ($97 value): You’ll also get 10 'best of' Jazz Tutorial videos taken from my premium courses - includes selected Christmas themed jazz tutorials, ear training lessons, and select lessons from the Jazz Tutorial Membership courses.

In total, that's 150 pages of written jazz education, 40+ pages of sheet music, and 2+ hours of premium video tutorials.


  • 22 sweet jazz piano chord voicings (Jazz Theory Explained page 44)

  • Understanding a lead sheet - what to look for, understanding key signatures, key changes, and ii-V-Is (Jazz Theory Explained page 17)

  • Chord Extensions Explained - get clarity on all types of chord extensions (Jazz Theory Explained page 14)

  • 4 Reharmonization techniques - apply these to your favorite jazz songs today (Jazz Theory Explained page 92)

  • How to write sophisticated melodic lines - by ‘aiming for the colorful notes’ and ‘emphasizing the changes’ (Jazz Theory Explained page 56)

  • Block chords - add this iconic film noir sound to your jazz playing today! (Exploration Of Harmony page 37)

  • Jazz scales: How to know which scale to play over any chord (Exploration Of Harmony page 37)

  • Jazz piano endings: How to end any piece in style. My favorite techniques for both major and minor songs (Exploration Of Harmony page 35), and much more!

No more searching the internet for every lesson. Now you can learn jazz piano from the ground-up and fill in the missing gaps to your knowledge.


  • Piano players with 5+ years experience (not suitable for guitar, bass, saxophone, etc).

  • Fans of my YouTube videos - experience the same calm teaching style.

  • Must read music to an okay level

If you're not sure whether you meet the requirements, TRY my Best Of Collection for 90-days risk free. If it's too advanced, I will fully refund your purchase.


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If for any reason this training is not right for you - just email me and I will fully refund your purchase.

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"Julian has now published the most understandable explanation of the complexities of Jazz Piano and Theory. Terrific and easy to understand, what every visitor to your videos is praying for - a true GOLDMINE!". - Ray Huckell, Toronto.

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'Falling In Love For The First Time' (one of the compositions):

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Thank you for supporting my Jazz Tutorial education work. I hope the resources in this package inspire you and unlock new levels of sophistication in your playing!