Sus 4 Chords Explained

‘Sus 4’ is short for ‘suspended 4th’. In classical music, the ‘sus 4 chord’ plays a 4th instead of the 3rd (1 4 5). The 4th adds a tension, which then resolves to the 3rd a few beats later. Suspended 4ths are normally applied to major triads, or V7 chords: However in jazz, sus 4 chords do not resol... read more

Fourth Voicings for Jazz Piano

Chords are normally built in 3rds, which means we play every other note - 1 3 5 7 9 11 13. However, you can rearrange these notes and voice a chord in 4ths instead. Let’s take a C major 7 chord - start your voicing from the chord’s 7th (B) - and build upwards in 4ths star... read more

Beginner Jazz Piano Lesson

In today's beginner jazz piano lesson, I'll show you what you need to know to start playing jazz piano. To start playing jazz piano, you’ll need the following skills: 1. Must read music to an intermediate level To play jazz, you must be able to read treble clef, because every re... read more

'The Flat 2 Reharmonization' (Video Lesson)

10 Exotic Jazz Sounds PDF Lesson Transcript So in today's video we're going to do a reharmonization special. Reharmonization's when you take an original jazz song and you change the chords. So this is gonna be a really good lesson if you're into reharmonization. We're gonna get straight in. Enjoy the ... read more

Melodic Minor Scale Explained

10 Exotic Jazz Sounds PDF Lesson Transcript Okay, let's take a look at the melodic minor scale. Here is C melodic minor: C D Eb F G A B. So it's basically the minor scale up to fifth, but then it has a major sixth and a major seventh. This is ... read more