Jazz Piano Chords Lesson

10 Exotic Jazz Sounds PDF Lesson Transcript Okay, let's talk about a technique, which I call playing chord voicings as one. When I play a chord voicing, a lot of my focus is on playing every single note in that chord voicing as one, so at the exact same time. And ... read more

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Learning Jazz Piano

To play most styles of music you only have to read music. However if you want to play jazz, then you have to understand some theory, chord symbols, and notation markings in order to play. In this article I’m going to show you everything you need to know to pl... read more

How to play Jazz Piano in 20 Minutes

Lesson Resources The Ultimate Jazz Chords Guide 10 Exotic Sounds for Jazz Piano Lesson Timestamps 0:32 Jazz Chords 2:06 Types of 7th Chord 3:31 Chord Extensions (9 11 13) 5:35 Altered Extensions (b9 #9 #11 b13) 7:16 Chord Voicings 8:23 The ii-V-I Progression 11:06 Partial ii-V-Is 12:55 The Minor ii-V-I 16:03 Jazz Scales Lesson Transcript So first of all, let's talk about jazz chords. Now ... read more

3 Exotic Sounds for Jazz Piano

10 Exotic Jazz Sounds PDF Lesson Transcript In today's jazz piano lesson I'm going to share with you three exotic sounds for jazz piano, that's right, these are gonna be exotic sounds, which you might not have encountered before, but they're fairly easy to play and they add a ton of ... read more

The Chord Voicings of Bill Evans and Horace Silver

10 Exotic Jazz Sounds PDF The Ultimate Chord Symbol Guide Lesson Transcript Okay, so let's take a look at the "So What" chord voicing. This is the chord voicing that Bill Evans used in the song "So What" by Miles Davis. So both chords of the same voicing here. This is ... read more